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  • You get paid as soon as a message hits your inbox, period!

  • You don't have to spend time on each email, click thru, or fill out surveys (unless you want to!)

  • Just having a Qixit® account means "You've Got Money!"

Your inbox is like a secret bank account! Only Qixit (pronounced "kicks-it") kicks in nickels, dimes and dollars with each message!

You could be getting paid for all those dozens of email messages you get everyday - especially email from advertisers.

With Qixit®, advertisers have to pay you to email you, and you decide how much!

It's money for doing nothingand the Qixit is FREE!

Why Would Qixit Kick Money Into My Email?

Simple. Advertisers spend billions to reach people just like you and the Internet is the hottest marketplace going.

Advertisers are willing to pay big bucks to get you to see their message in your inboxjust think how much Super Bowl ads cost! So why not have them pay YOU instead of the middleman for a change?

Qixit® thinks they should. So Qixit automatically screens advertisers and charges them upfront, then passes along money to our members. Advertisers fund the entire process, so every time an email hits your Qixit inbox you get paid.  85% of advertising dollars go to YOU!  Only 15% is kept to pay for the costs of our service.

Don't worry, Qixit NEVER gives out your address or personal information! Even if you give them your address, if they want to reach you they have to pay you, and you decide how much your time is worth. Between our state-of-the-art closed-loop encrypted system and requiring valid advertisers to pay our members, we eliminate spam completely.

Getting Paid With Qixit Is Easy!

Qixit® is smart technology. Once your Qixit® learns your preferences, its smart enough to block messages about anything you're not interested in getting. This goes way beyond any spam filter; Qixit can actually separate the kinds of ads you care about from those that just aren't worth your time. You'll only be seeing and getting paid forads that deal with your favorite hobbies, interests or other activities. You do just about nothing and the money comes rolling in.

How much can I make?

Qixit® lets you set how much you want to be paid. How much depends on you. Some members like to set lower amounts from 5 cents to 25 cents to attract more messages and have more opportunities to earn. Others set a high rate say, $2.00 per email so they get fewer emails in their inbox, but each one is a higher-paying messages. Maybe 25¢ doesn't sound like much, but how many emails do you get each day? Add it up! Day after day, week after week your money keeps adding up while you do nothing.

The more you Qixit, the more you earn!

You don't have to do anything to get paid with Qixit. The money goes into your account as soon as your receive the message.  But there are ways you can give yourself a "raise" if you want!

Whenever you click thru to an advertiser's website, ask them for more information or make a purchase, you obviously become more valuable to that advertiser or vendor. It makes sense that it's worth more to those marketers to reach you again, right? That's exactly what happens with Qixit. Advertisers look for members who like the kinds of things they offer, but they especially love it when people respond to their ads, and they're happy to pay more to those people. So give yourself a raise! You deserve it!

How Do I Use All The Money Qixit Pays Me?

Use the money you make with Qixit® to pay for stuff you want and need.

  • Ever had your email account pay for a song download? Qixit will.
  • Ever had your email pay for a movie? Qixit will.
  • Ever had your email pay for an online game? Qixit will.
  • Ever had your email pay for lunch? Qixit will.
We're adding more features all the time… and as a Free Qixit® Email account member, you'll be the first to find out!

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